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8.2 Investment in infrastructure


The project has given the Trust the opportunity to invest in an infrastructure of tools, software, solutions, skills, people, networks and relationships which will continue to grow and pay dividends to the Trust and to the heritage.

  • The new and integrated systems of digital storage, i.t. and software discussed in 5.4.1 (including the archive cataloguing software) will allow the Trust to develop more efficient, effective and integrated ways of working, which should conduce to even greater productivity and avenues for growth.
  • With agreement of Community stakeholders, the websites built during the course of the project will be integrated into the Trust's new website, which has been developed in dialogue with the project and the project team, and when relaunched in 2012 will benefit from its own restructuring and re-design; the individual community websites will benefit and continue to grow through the addition of new material, much of it created and uploaded through the skills and motivation of volunteers trained during the project, as well as by new volunteers.
  • The online Forums and other networking tools for volunteers, friends and participants will be maintained within the websites, facilitating ongoing communication and networking around the heritage to its inevitable preservation and enhancement;
  • New tools will be devised: An active Yahoogroup for Wennington Old Scholars has already been set up, as has a new email group for Community members and members and employees of the Trust, called "pettconnect", and designed to bring Community members more fully into the work of the Trust;
  • A new newsletter will be instituted and a regular e-newsletter will be maintained to keep volunteers and other stakeholders in touch with each other, with the Trust, and with ongoing developments;
  • The patterns of relationship and involvement developed in association with local schools and others will facilitate ongoing cooperation and engagement;
  • Archive "Weekends"will continue, and will continue to evolve to meet the needs and opportunities of the people using them; and the Trust will continue to work with current therapeutic environments in facilitating visits from children or staff in residential therapeutic care, and in other ways.