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6.3 And others


6.3.1 Performance Troupe

In putting the project together it was anticipated that 5 young people would be interested in forming part of a performance troupe to bring the archives and stories to life for a variety of audiences. In the event there have been two performance troupes, involving over 30 students, and four rather than one teacher at different times. With this profusion of engagement, far more opportunities have arisen for working together, for visits, for training, as recorded in 4.11 above; with consequences, of course, for staff and volunteer time, facilities, travel costs, in-kind costs.


6.3.2 Increased Stationery, Materials and Postage Costs

As a general phenomenon, the increased amount of traffic and activity including the greater-than-projected interest in receiving the Newsletter and higher participation rates over-all meant stationery and postage costs proved higher than projected.


6.3.3 World Financial Crisis and VAT Increase

In the background behind the project has been the global financial crisis, with all of the anxieties and loss of investment income to the Trust which are a familiar part of the times. In terms of project costs, the VAT increase on January 4, 2011 from 17.5% to 20% had its greatest single effect on transcription costs, most equipment having been ordered in the early stages of the project.