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I think I'm going to enjoy this summer. Practical Theater has always been the place where I came in contact with my own changing, and experimented with myself; it's like a yard-marker of how I've grown. So, after being academic for a while, I get to check back in on myself. I'm surprised how much a person can change, although it is also heartening. I've thought I was in some kind of doldrums for the past year or so, and it's gratifying to see that what appears to be a kind of holding or stagnation is just a different way of growing that isn't immediately apparent to the Old way of Being - I guess change almost has to take us by surprise sometimes, or it really isn't change. And if it really is unfamiliar, there's no way we can understand it while it's happening to us except as something that's happening. As usual, I like the person I'm becoming...but then I think being human is the greatest privilege that can be given, and having the privilege within that of growing older and see the world (and my self's view of it) shift like beach-sands in a storm is the greatest gift. It's so peculiar, and we take it for granted!