cropped IMG 1293

Precious litter.

A tractor dredges the drainage ditch, leaving hedge roots dragging from the far side, and corrugated slabs of mud running off the verge and onto the road; and in one of these upraised corrugations, fresh from the buried earth, a piece of glass. Teased out, it was a small bottle, whole and entire. Cleaned back home, it was a Mabie, Todd & Co Ltd Swan Ink (Trade Mark) bottle, half filled with black ink separated into its components. Mabie, Todd missed the transition from liquid ink pens into ball point, and went out of business in Britain in the late 1950s. 

What local person or passing artist lost their partially used bottle, possibly in the late 50s, possibly earlier? 

And dug out by brute mechanical force, sixty something years later, how on earth did it survive the tractor?


ink bottle from side


ink bottle bottom