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"Who after all, is really interested in knowing the roots and intricacies of this work, and the political and social consequences of that knowledge?"

In going through my papers and presentations for this website I keep being surprised by the things I've known and said, and forgotten, and reinvented. Am I one set of ideas, in different circumstances?

The quote above is from an unpublished presentation in my first public foray out of archives into oral history, the Oral History Society's annual Conference at Sussex University in 1999, "Landscapes of Memory: Oral History and the Environment". PowerPoint was still a novelty, and a major discussion point at the conference; I recorded my "slide show" on video, videoing the photographs and documents, and dubbing in the recordings. An interesting way to ensure you keep a talk to time.

In looking up over/under shotguns on wikipedia to confirm the mental image that came to mind on re-reading the quote - it's a double-barrelled quote, but not in the conventional way - I was taken even further back, into Jung and the world of meaningful coincidence and the autochthonic humour of the Universe introduced to us by Prof. Floyd Ross in Philosophy 101 (no, really) during Freshman Year at college. "A notable example [of an over-under shotgun] is the Springfield Armory M6 Scout, a .410 / .22 issued to United States Air Force personnel as a "survival" gun in the event of a forced landing or accident in a wilderness area" foreshadows the theme with which I thought I would be initiating the "Archives are Personal" thread of this blog.


"THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND: a specialist archive and study centre for ‘alternative’ therapeutic and educational communities" unpublished paper delivered to the Oral History Society Annual Conference (15 May, 1999).


[Originally blog-published Janaury 4, 2013]