Archive and Study Centre Tasks, Winter 2018 to Closing (CF 2017)



Purpose: To continue the necessary day-to-day activities of the Archive and Study Centre

    1. Administration and Management
      1. Meetings
      2. Correspondence
      3. Environmental Monitoring and Control
    2. Archives
      1. Accessioning [Now largely reduced to additions to Community collections, through Archive Weekends. Other normal archive tasks come under Section 2, Preparation]
    3. Oral History
      1. Recording and processing
    4. Library
      1. Identify and Take in new materials [Now largely reduced to identifying clear essentials, and accessioning donations and ongoing non-cost subscriptions - e.g., Prison Service Journal, Therapeutic Communities. Other standard tasks come under Section 2, Preparation]
      2. National Child Care Library
    5. Museum
    6. Information Services, Public Engagement and Outreach
      1. Maintaining and purposing online assets
        1. Websites
          1. PETT
          2. Phoenix Unit
          3. Others
            1. Caldecott Community
            2. Wennington
            3. CCHN
            4. TC-OF
            5. SquiggleTalks
        2. Newsletter
        3. Email Groups
          1. pettconnect
          2. pett-team
          3. PETT Forum
          4. Others
            1. CCHN
            2. Wennington
          5. TC-OF
        4. Social Media
          1. Facebook
          2. Twitter
          3. Others
            1. CCHN Facebook
            2. CCHN Twitter
        5. Content Delivery Systems
          1. Vimeo
          2. Flickr
      2. Ongoing Projects
        1. British Academy Grant [Hawkspur/Mulberry Bush records]
        2. Oxford Project/Phoenix Unit Project
        3. Squiggle Talks Project
        4. Early Pestalozzi Children Project
        5. Henderson Hospital Project
        6. HMP Grendon Project
      3. Archive Weekends [purposed for Preparation]
        1. Caldecott
        2. Wennington
        3. New Barns
        4. General
      4. Queries and Researchers
      5. Events
    7. Fundraising/Generating Income



Purpose: To prepare the ground for the new archivist to hit Stage 4 running, simplifying the process of packaging and storage, making it more efficient, and reducing costs, labour and the level of expertise required of additional staff to box-list, package and move. Facilitate the handover.

    1. Address and resolve backlogs
    2. Process the Archive and Study Centre's digital business records/archive
    3. Translate pre-Database collections catalogues and listings into Database
    4. Transfer CD/DVD and external hard drive original and back-up files to FreeNas
      1. Rationalise (Select, compare, delete)
    5. Collections and Holdings Action Survey.
    Tasks: Locate, confirm, correct, conserve, list, aggregate, (re)pack. Identify issues and materials needing special attention. [Note: The areas below are determined by categories of Upper Heyford storage]
      1. Conventional Archives
      2. Books and Publications
      3. Magnetic Media
      4. Film, negatives, and photographic slides
      5. Large Objects
      6. Digital
      7. Equipment
    1. Having identified major conservation issues, liaise with Harwell to remove, treat, and transfer to Upper Heyford
    2. Special Area: Room 14 materials
      1. Complete removal of duplicates from all series, to reduce volume
      2. Re-package and remove Homer Lane Trust, Homer Lane Trust Ltd. and New Barns School records to PETT Collection
      3. Re-package and Catalogue John Cross core archives
      4. Re-package and Catalogue Roy Prideaux archives
      5. Agree status of outstanding materials [e.g., organisations of which John was Secretary and held material in that capacity, and organisations in which he was acting as Chair/Director of PETT, and therefore acquiring and generating material in his official capacity]



Purpose: Welcome the new archivist; introduce them to the history, policies and systems of the Archive; introduce them to the Archive and Study Centre's connections and networks, and those of the Mulberry Bush Organisation; and offer support as they familiarise themselves with the collections and the tasks ahead of them. Facilitate Craig's change of role, and enable him to reflect, share, and write up a Final Report on the first 30 years of the Archive and Study Centre.

    1. Recorded discussions/interview with Craig by new archivist, to capture and transfer implicit knowledge
    2. Opportunities for meet and greet: Specialist Archive Weekend



Purpose: Successfully transfer collections into archival storage.

    1. Create collections management spreadsheet
    2. Acquire barcodes and any necessary packaging
    3. Hire, vet and train additional staff
    4. Liaise with specialist packaging and transportation firms for paintings and other specialist material
    5. Liaise with Upper Heyford re transfer, enlisting community members where practicable for transfer itself, both to give ownership and to keep costs down
    6. Aggregate any collections still dispersed
    7. Package and box any outstanding materials
    8. Check, box list and barcode each box
    9. Transport, or arrange transport on a rolling basis to facilitate aggregation and processing at the site
    10. NOTE: Any problematic material identified at this stage will need to be separated and dealt with



Purpose: Once everything has been moved to storage, ensure site is clear and empty, and enable final goodbyes

    1. Final sale and disposal of shelving, fixtures and equipment
    2. By this time Kaki Tree and sculpture have been re-sited
    3. By this time all cuttings have been taken and nurtured
    4. Ensure date stone from New Common Room has been removed and saved
    5. Final New Barns Event, to enable a final goodbye, and to allow people to take away mementos
    6. Install and dedicate plaque
    7. Open Day to say thankyou and goodbye to local community



Purpose: Carry forward programmes, relationships, and resources to maintain activity and presence during storage, developing work and initiatives where possible, in order to hit the ground running in the new facility.

    1. Online: Ongoing Virtual Archive and Study Centre
      1. Websites
        1. PETT
        2. Phoenix Unit
        3. Squiggle Talks
        4. Caldecott Community
        5. Wennington
        6. CCHN
        7. TC-OF
      2. Social Media
        1. pettconnect email group
        2. Facebook
        3. Twitter
      3. Content Delivery
        1. Vimeo
        2. Flickr
    2. Projects
      1. Grant supported
        1. British Academy Grant [Hawkpsur/Mulberry Bush]
        2. Red Hill School [Ralph Gee Bequest]
        3. National Child Care Library
        4. Squiggle Talks
      2. Established
        1. Oxford/Phoenix Project
        2. Early Pestalozzi Children Project
        3. Henderson Hospital Project
        4. HMP Grendon Project
    3. Publications
      1. Newsletter
      2. Ralph Gee books
      3. Caldecott History
      4. Wennington [Energy Unbound]
      5. David Wills Autobiography
    4. Relationships
      1. Patron and Fellows
      2. Supporters Organisation
      3. Archive Weekends
    5. Everyday [as in Section 1]