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“Therapeutic Living With Other People’s Children: An oral
history of residential therapeutic child care, c. 1930-c.1980”
HG-08-16728: Final Report to the Heritage Lottery Fund Covering the period January 2010 – October 2011 (3rd edition).
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Celebrating Memory: An oral history of the Society of Archivists and its members. Handbook.

Includes “Some Themes in the History of the Society of Archivists”, “Chronology of the Society of Archivists 1946-1980”

Articles in journals


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Articles in Newsletters


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Unpublished presentations


“Archive problems are fun problems”: Building an archive service around traumatic experience: Continuity, change, and thoughts towards the future”.

Conference: ‘Survival of the Fittest: strengths, skills and priorities for 2014 and beyond’, Archives and Records Association Annual Conference, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, August 29, 2014


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Presentation of my experience in the creation and use of an archive web-site, and its impact on the Archive and its work.


“Celebrating Memory: An Oral History of the Society of Archivists and its Members. An illustrated Report”, Society of Archivists Annual Conference, September 9, 1998, Sheffield


“Setting up a web-site by a small archive”, paper commissioned by Simon Wilson for the Business Archives Council


Invited discussant on “Specialist Repositories”, Society of Archivists South West Regional Meeting, Wells.


1996, May 7

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