Oral History Oeuvre

Recording 1,711 recordings to date
1989 to present Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre General Oral History Collections

1,251 audio recordings (flash, audiocassette, DAT, minidisk, reel to reel)

120 video recordings (VHS, SVHS, 8mm, DV)

Individual and group interviews, with current and former staff, clients/patients, and others involved with therapeutic community; as well as recordings of events, seminars, meetings and conferences

4 multi-media CD presentations

CD compilations, bringing together oral history, archive, library, and visual material from the Archive and Study Centre collections into self-running inter-active computer-based exhibitions targeted at specific events.

2010-2011 “Therapeutic Living With Other People’s Children: An oral history of residential therapeutic childcare c. 1930- c. 1980”

92 audio recordings (flash)

Individual and group recordings with former children, staff and family members of therapeutic communities for children and young people, as well as events.


Celebrating Memory: An oral history of the Society of Archivists and its members”

40 recordings (audiocassette, DAT, and 8mm video)


PhD. Research

210 recordings (reel to reel, audiocassette, VHS video)

Published Oral History Transcripts


Dr. and Mrs. Howard Jones, interviewed by Craig Fees 29 January 1998. CF242edit


Richard Roberts, interviewed by Craig Fees 27 September 1997. CF0234


R.E. Curtis, interviewed by Craig Fees 30 November 1994. CF0124


Dennie Briggs, interviewed by Craig Fees 9 August 1991. CF0018